Clear tempo information

some preset values at the absolute tempo change disturb me and / or are even wrong. Such as dolce. This can also be the name for the volume - quasi piano. Now with imported files (with mxl) dolce is always replaced as tempo indication. How can I delete this in the preferences?

You cannot, at present. The tempo presets are hardwired and cannot currently be edited by the user.

:frowning: but that is a pity - for the future of the notation software. And how can I put my own instructions under the notes? There are such splendid instructions - a favorite of mine “con discrezione”.

For instructions under the notes, I would suggest you use Shift+X text. If you have a particular appearance in mind, you can create your own paragraph style that looks the way you want it, and if you save it as default so that it is available in all projects, you can then assign a key command to it so that you can access it as quickly as possible.

Has anything happened in 3 years? “Dolce” is really no tempo indication!

If you want “dolce” to appear below staves and italic, like expressive text, you can input it alongside a dynamic (such as “p”) and then hide the dynamic if you only want to show the “dolce”.