Clearer timeline clip name and waveform displaying options

It would make my working faster if I had the options to have both the solid clip coloring and clear clip name labels on the editing timeline. You only get the clear clip name labels when you use the “transparent clip” option, and with that the waveforms don’t show themselves as well, and with the non-transparent clip option the clip names get lost into the waveforms. :confused: You really should have an option like “Clear clip name label mode” or something that’s not depending on whether you use transparent or solid clip background around the waveforms - maybe even customizable text colors and label colors could be applicable here.


Good Idea. And, I asked for that multiple times - please show the event name as long as the event is visible. We do a lot of audio post and if you use ambiences or other long events the name of the event only appears at the very begining of the event. Please, let it travel with the event.


Oh yes please, that would be so helpful.

I wish SB would focus more on workflow and UI improvements, and listen to users who have been living in Nuendo for… oh let me see, I think 14 years now? In my head I have a long list of minor tweaks that would make a big difference in usability for me every minute of the day. That would make me much happier than flash new features that I may use a couple of times a year, if ever.