Clearing Recent Projects From Cubase 7 Hub


Is there any easy way to delete “Recent” projects from the list shown in the Hub, and “Recent Projects” under the “File” menu? I want to clear the list.


Either delete you preference files or temporarily move you projects and start Cubase.

How do I find all the preference files on the Mac (Montain Lion OS) for Cubase 7?

This is some of this small things I miss too… a small button “clear history” :wink:


Aloha w,

The C7 preference folder is inside your Mac’s ‘Preferences Folder’
which is inside your ‘home’ (~) ‘Library Folder’.

However since Lion (10.7) and now also Mountain Lion (10.8)
this Library folder is hidden.

But it can be easily accessed. Here is how:

From the finder:

1-Go to the ‘Go’ menu (in the menu bar)
2-While the Go window is open, hit the ‘Option’ key.
3-You will see the home Library menu item magically appear
in between the ‘Home and ‘Computer’ menu items.
4-Once it is visible, select it and you are now in the
‘Home Library Folder’
5-Now locate the ‘Preferences’ folder.
6-Open it and locate the Cubase 7 folder
and bob’s yer uncle’.

HTH (hope this helps)

Totally agree. I’d like to clear the list without resorting to trashing my preferences.

I went and added a feature request to be able to remove items from the list.

now go give it some +1’s


Such a simple request. Can’t imagine this would be hard to implement.

Was it always that there was a pop up message when a non-existant project was referenced?

Only when you tried to open it. Then you should see a “Remove” option in the pop up message.

As I recall, doing that in C5 produced nothing, and in C6 the “remove” dialog came up.

I wouldn’t know, since I started with Cubase 6.

I thought that’s what you were asking about, not previous versions. My bad.

How can i clear my project list in steinberg hub on win 7 x64? :frowning:
Thnx in advance Greetz Bommie

Do what emotive suggests in the second post on this thread.

I don’t know exactly what to do with this information, but I did figure out that the recently used list is housed, at least in part, in the file Defaults.xml. Since that’s a text document, somebody who knows XML or at least has an XML editor handy could, at least in theory, remove the recently used list (or entries in it) without killing all the other preferences. My own effort at this was not successful, but I know about as much about XML as a typical donkey knows about nuclear physics. I can vouch for the fact that if you provide yourself with a backup copy, Cubase will survive just fine when you stick the backup copy back in, overwriting your disastrous efforts at editing Defaults.xml.

My donkey is in charge of finance at Columbia Records. So I don’t know what you’re talking about.

As far as the recent file list, open that file and search for

<member name="GRecentDocumentPaths">

Select from the first


through the last


that comes before

</member name="GRecentDocumentPaths">

Delete all of it.

Or, go through and delete individual entries.

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Oh, never mind, he just wants a carrot.

If you using Mac do like described below and all your Cubase settings like Preferences, Key Commands and so on will be untouched.Go to Macintosh HD/ Users/ User Name/ Library/ Preferences/ Cubase Pro 7(8, 9) and open Defaults.xml file with TextEdit, scroll right to the bottom and start slowly scrolling to the top till you see the line below like :

Select everything to the bottom under this line, delete it and save the document.The Recent Projects list will be clear.Better yet, you make a copy of this saved document so any time you can overwrite the document containing recent projects with saved one.That’s it and good luck to everyone!