clearing recent projects in 6.5

Does anyone know how to clear recent projects in 6.5?

Here’s a thread about it:

Many thanks-did have a look-I think like temporarily hide the projects files may do the trick looks a a minor issue which needs to be looked at :slight_smile:

This helped.

I had a look at the default xml file but I haven’t a clue about code and I can’t tell what parts of the code to remove how ever I did try but got some strange results. Ive also tried moving my song files but as I can see the songs are written in the xml file
A simple clear menu would really be useful!

I agree with you here, as we have the same issue in Nuendo 5 as well - editing the default.xml fileseems to bethe oly way to do this in both apps (I have never found another way to do this).
As you have probably discovered, the .cpr song list is right at the end of the file, and the parts to remove are these…
(you will need to edit the XML file in a text editor - I use TextPad, but Notepad will do just as well)
Look for the line

Under this, you will now see each saved song, beginning with (and this is the place to start)

followed by all the details and ending with

These are the things to delete - and this is important - including both and .

So, to summarize, kill everything - including the start and the closing and the song will be gone from the list, but still available to load if you browse manually to the location.

Hope this helps

I wonder if Steinberg are listening…?

Mind, the resourcefulness of users here is both a help and heart-warming.

many thanks neilwilkes that certainly did the trick-incredible that all these cubase advances that have been made and we have no clear menu lol

I commented in the other thread about this very issue, so might as well comment here to. This really is a much needed function and as the other comment made aware, so many other advancements made to Cubase, but no way to easily clear the project assistance list? One should not have to edit and tamper with any files to get this to happen and any users who are not part of this forum will never have a clue about that ‘workaround’ anyways.

Please find a safe and user friendly way to clear that list Steinberg! :slight_smile:

I totally agree.

bump 100%

Mines getting to be like two foot long (ooh-err…!) and I’m not going rummaging in .XML files for goodness sakes…

“Clear History” or “Clear Selected” on a right-click option perhaps…? I’ve no idea how easy or not these things are.

Would be a very welcome little addition SB…! :wink:

But we are where we are today. I agree that a ‘clear’ button would be welcome, but if you want to edit the list today, then .xml editing is the (only) way to go. It isn’t difficult, and as long as you keep a copy of the file safely in a backup then you lose nothing by the edit. It’s a two minute job.

Sure. Point taken. But this should not ‘let them off the hook’, as it were… :wink:

The real concern being, we should not be having to tolerate/devise ‘hacking’ XML file workarounds. It renders any legit tech support invalid (contravenes the Terms and Conditions of your License Agreement); oh, and it is potentially very dangerous

OK. Then don’t edit (not hack) the xml file. Stay with your long list. Wait for a ‘clear’ button. I hope it arrives soon.