Clearing Shortcuts

Just a small suggestion. Under preferences “Shortcuts” can be changed. While only the ‘Shortcut’ or the ‘Alternative’ can be highlighted at one time, both are cleared when clicking on ‘Clear.’ Can it be reprogrammed to just “clear” the one that is highlighted? Why both at the same time?

Most of the time the given “Shortcut” is fine, I only want to change the “Alternative,” especially the ones that refer to “media play” which I assume is a MAC designation.


I strongly feel that this area of the software needs some help. Maybe I’m missing something, but is there no way to save our shortcuts? To make matters worse, when I updated to 6.0.10, it reset all the shortcuts I’d made for the previous version. As mentioned above, there are better ways to handle the whole shortcut system and we absolutely have to be able to save our shortcut sets.

Shortcut sets will likely come in a future update. As for the clear button… let’s see if we can improve the behavior to make it a little more ergonomic :slight_smile:

Thanks for the consideration. Sometimes very funny when I clear the alternative, then both are cleared, and then I don’t remember the primary shortcut!