Clearing the 'user sample' folder

Hi folks

Wondering, is there a way to clear the ‘user sample’ folder that keeps growing the more you import your own samples? :question:


Great question. I just came across this yesterday after purchasing Padshop Pro. I imported a bunch of samples, just to play around, but didn’t expect them to stay in there, regardless of if I chose to save the patch or not. This directory grows quick, wasting space, essentially having redundant files on your drive being the same in two separate directories at once. The original directory the sample came from, as well as the new directory in Padshop Pro.

I would like a way to easily clear this as well, or better yet, not have it make a copy of the sample at all, instead remembering the original directory the sample came from to use it again if need be.

Yeah. I guess it could be part of the big preset import fix that is badly needed as well for the next update of Padshop Pro.

After some tests, I manually deleted the samples contained in the ‘user sample’ folder. Be aware that if, like me, you have saved Padshop Pro AU presets, those presets won’t be able to open with the samples used in the preset, since Padshop searches the samples used in the AU presets in that ‘user sample’ folder. You’ll have to re-import them again to make your AU presets work. Not cool…

We definitely need a better way of saving presets.