Clef after repeat workaround

This won’t play back correctly, because there’s a 1/256 extra bar. I hid the bar rests then shunted the barline back with Note Spacing.

Do you really need the extra bar? Can you move everything around in Engrave mode without it?

(I’m not sure - it’s a long time since I did anything with a similar amount of space-adjusting)

Or, plan B - play the 1/256 extra bar at 9999 BPM (and hide the tempo marks) so you don’t notice it’s there.

(That was the workround for some playback issues in Finale!)

You need the extra bar, as far as I can tell. You can’t close the gap between the end and start barlines otherwise.

I think you’re right. The “two repeat barlines with a gap between them” are one composite object, apparently - you can’t select them individually.

I know I’m right :laughing:

An alternative method would be to not have an extra bar but to add a small duration to the start of the regular 4/4 (so make it a [1+4+4+4+4}/16 bar or a [1+8+8+8+8]/32 bar), and put the clef after the first rest, then hide that rest in all parts.