Clef change at system break with no barline

If a change of clef and a system break coincide in unmetered music, where the lower staff has cross-staff notes, then the cautionary clef ends up at the start of the new system rather than at the end of the previous one. Inserting a barline sorts it out, but that rather defeats the purpose of having no meter, and as yet there is no “invisible” barline in Dorico. I could create invisible barlines by setting the dashed barline to zero length dashes, but I am already using dashed barlines elsewhere.

Mock up of the problem attached.

Any thoughts?

Admittedly not ideal, but you could edit the PDF after the fact in Acrobat Pro or such. Problematic if there are lots to keep track of, but it works in a pinch when you’re desperate. I’ve done this on a few rare occasions.

This isn’t something that Dorico handles properly at present, but I’ll make a note of it and we’ll aim to address this in a future version. Unfortunately I don’t think you have much in the way of workarounds for now: you could select the clef change and set it to 1% scale in the Properties panel, then insert a text item that looks like a clef at the end of the previous system, but you’ll have to manually position it and make space for it.

One workaround which does sort of work is to select the clef change, set the grid to the shortest time vale and use alt-left arrow to shift it back. It does go onto the previous system, but rather messes up the spacing.