Clef change with cross staff

Here I have a piano score with treble in the upper and bass in the lower staff. I need a change to treble in the lower clef.


Here is what Dorico insists on:


So far I have not worked out how to get the clef to apply and move to the lower staff. Because of this it is not clear there is a clef change in the lower staff.

In Engrave Mode strangely there is no handle for the clef in note spacing mode, and beside I think that is only for left right movement.

Have you tried selecting the clef and applying Move to Staff Below?

To move the clef sideways, select it in Write mode, change to Engrave mode and change its X Offset (under Common in Properties).

After moving the note to the lower staff, hit Shift-N or Enter for Note Input and Arrow Down, so the cursor moves to the lower staff and you can apply the treble clef.