Clef change without notes being altered?

Hi all,

Apologies. I only ask a question when I appear to be stuck. 98% of the time Dorico help pages have all the answers.

How would I change the clef (piano piece) from treble to bass clef? I have written the work old school, with pencil and paper, now I’m writing it in Dorico and I’m enjoying it.

I’ve entered few bars of music but then I realised I’ve forgotten to change the clef from standard bass clef in lower stave to a treble clef. How do I change it without my notes being moved/transposed?

Many thanks

I don’t think that’s possible.
But you won’t loose the music completely. Change the clef and transpose the notes down with (Ctrl+)Alt+arrow. Then make corrections as needed.

It’s not possible, because in Dorico each note has a pitch independent of how it is displayed by different clefs, or 8va signs, or with different transposing instruments.

But as Florian said, it’s easy to select the whole passage and change the pitch.

Thank you all.