Clef colliding with bracket

Hi all,

can this be solved?

Engraving Options>Brackets and Braces>Aditional vertical protrusion beyond top or bottom of staff,
Try with a value grater than 1/4.

Thanks! This will affect all brackets though, I only want the change in the layout for the two divisi violoncelli.

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With my Engraving Options set to factory defaults, I get the following appearance for a staff with tenor clef.

Are you using a different music font?
Apart from the Engraving Option mentioned by @rafaelv, you could try slightly increasing the value for Engraving Options > Brackets and Braces > Bracket distance from systemic barline. It might be possible to find a value which eliminates the collision without making the distance so great that it looks wrong.
As with the other option, it will affect all brackets.

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As a cellist writing a lot of music for cello and cello choir, I’ve always had this issue.
Changing value will increase distance both above and below the system so if you get an improvement above, it will become worse below.

I am using Finale Maestro.

Obviously, the music font you use is your choice and is probably based on more than just the appearance of the brackets.
In case you want to experiment a little, here are some screen shots comparing the various traditional-looking fonts available in Library > Music Fonts… .
The amount of “curl” in the wings varies considerably between fonts.

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Another option is to increase the Gap after barline before clef or key signature in Engraving Options > Spacing Gaps:



Thanks, this might be a way – but then I would probably just change that setting temporarily before exporting that particular layout.

Thanks! I guess I could try to replace the Finale Maestro brackets with the Sebastian ones, if that is possible.

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Finale Maestro with Sebastian bracket top and bottom, bar number moved up a bit @StevenJones01

Finale Maestro with added spacing @johnkprice

It would be great if these changes could be made on a local basis, for instance in the Note Spacing or Staff Spacing modes of Engrave Mode, as I need them only in the tenor clef / bracket cases.

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