Clef in layout name

Science Fiction - Trombone in Bb {@Fclef@} 1.pdf (75.9 KB)
Why is the clef in the layout name not at the same pace on the second page as on the first one?

Would it help if both were in the same bold font? (Goudy)

Also I notice your bar numbers are in a fake “slanted” Times Roman instead of the actual italic, so it seems you have more than one strange font thing going on.

Thank you for your reply, Mark!
Both layout names are in Goudy old style. I tried to put both in the same bold font, without succes. It is a request from the publisher to use Goudy, as well as the bar numbers.
I would rather have the Dorico standards used, but as the publisher has used these fonts for over 100 years, they don’t want to change these.

I took a while, but I finaly found the solution. I had to change ‘header’ on the second page into ‘layout name’.

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