Clef popover text request

Could I request that popover text for clef selection be added using the ‘standard’ terminology: g2, c3, c4, f4, etc? (i.e. G clef on 2nd line up; C clef on 3rd line up…)

I know we’re already pretty spoilt for text variants.

Also: the documentation for clef popovers says “Soprano G clef”, when it means the Soprano C clef. (C1, if you will.)

This is a reasonable request, but for my edification could you tell me where this "standard’ comes from?

I’m not sure where it comes from, but I can provide ample examples of its usage.

In France, we always use clé d’ut 1 (for C1), clé de fa 3 (for F3)… I discovered the “Dorico way” two weeks ago, when I translated the keyboard shortcuts and tokens into french :–%20liste%20des%20raccourcis.pdf?dl=0

I agree for us french it would make perfect sense.

Thank you for pointing out the mistake in the Clefs popover topic - this has now been corrected and should be updated online in the near future :slight_smile:

And of course, the Groves Dictionary article on clefs uses the system.

“For the sake of clarity, italic letters are used (exclusively in this article) to represent the pitches as named by Guido of Arezzo; a figure after the letter-name of a clef denotes the staff line on which it stands, counting from the lowest (e.g. the modern treble clef, g2, the modern bass clef, F4)”

If it’s good enough for Guido d’Arezzo, it’s good enough for me. Thanks.

Daniel - “If it’s good enough for Guido d’Arezzo, it’s good enough for me” may well be the best thing I have heard all year!

Don’t be surprised if this gets used in someone’s email/profile signature ;>)

Just wondering if this is still in the pipeline? “Soprano” is quite a few letters!

Ben, I think the clef popover has integrated those names a while ago ! Have you tried them ?

No: they don’t work for me, and they’re not listed in the latest popover manual.

Screenshot 2.png
Hang on: a couple work, but not very well. G2 gives me a G 15ma clef. F2 also gives F 15ma. F4 works.

None of the C clefs work: C2, c3, c4, etc.

I think I use ut1, ut2… with success… Let me try

[Edit] These do work. But Sol1 or Sol2 give the same results as G1 or G2 (8va and 15ma clefs), and Fa3 does not provide anything different from Fa (Fa4)

After further study:

ut followed by 1 to 5 does place a C clef on the given staff line.
G1 and F1 give 8va clefs and G2 and F2 gives 15ma clefs.
sol is the same as G, so sol1 gives a G ottava clef.
fa gives the F clef on the 4th staff line, no matter what numbers are used.

None of these things seem to work with the letter C for C clef.

None of this is in the new 3.1 popover guide.