Clef problem

Hi, I can’t figure out, why the Horn is not showing the bass clef, as I have defined in the Clef and Transpositon Overrides.

Clef Problem.dorico (1.1 MB)

Any thoughts?

You’ve set it to show a bass clef for concert pitch, and a treble clef for transposed pitch. Your “Horn in F” layout is in transposed pitch, so it shows the treble clef.

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Yes, but the score is set to concert pitch and doesn’t show the bass clef. That’s what I don’t understand.

Clef and Transposition Overrides are specific to a layout - you’ve only edited the override for the “Horn in F” layout, not for the “Full Score” layout. Typically they’re used when you want to create a duplicate of an existing layout, but with a different transposition.

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I wonder if you actually want to edit the instrument (with the Instrument Editor) instead. Or perhaps you want to use the “Horn (F Sounds 8va Bass Clef Transposed Pitch)” instrument?

Oh, sorry, Richard, I was a bit dumb. I was looking at the score layout and chose the horn instead of the score layout. I need to take a break more often …