Clef – strange behavior (Dorico 2 bug?)

Hello, in Dorico 2 I encountered strange problem.
See the attached video.
When I input the note in tempel blocks part, after the note appears treble clef, and not only in that part, but also in campanelli part. I can’t delete this. And you can see in next bar there is a percussion clef. The same problem. Clefs are visible only in page view.
Any ideas how can I delete them? When I just delete all material in bars and reinput the notes, clefs appears again.
Strange (1.19 MB)

This is indeed a bug caused by some overzealous handling of clefs for ossia staves, which now affects players who hold multiple instruments and where instrument changes are not possible because the music overlaps. We will fix it as soon as possible. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for very fast response. All the best.