Clefs and Transposition in New Layout


today I ran into a problem, trying to make a duplicate part with another clef:
I have Violoncello 1 and Violoncello 2.
I make a new Layout and name it Viola, as I am trying to make an optional viola part as an alternative for the 1st cello.
The 1st cello is, btw. notated with a tenor clef c4 as it plays in its higher register.
In the Layout/Transposition for the alternative viola part I choose the Alto Clef (c3), but it does not display this clef in the viola layout, instead the same c4 tenor clef (as in Violoncello 1) is been displayed.
Only if I delete the Violoncello 1 tenor clef (it defaults back to bass clef) the new viola layout will display the right alto clef.
Is this behaviour by design and is there a way around it?
Thank you for a hint.

It is by design that if you have explicit clefs (or clef changes) in the source music, they will not be overridden by the Clef and Transposition Overrides settings.

Short of copying and pasting the music to a new viola player (who is not assigned to the score layout) I can’t think of a good workaround.

Instead of an explicit clef for the Cello, use the Transposition override feature to change the clef there. Then you can do what you want. Be sure to change both the Full Score layout as well as the Part layout.