I am struggling with finding certain clefs in Dórico. I want to use the “one octave below treble clef,” as in the one that has the 8 attached to the bottom of it, but middle C is in the same notation as the regular treble clef. I also cannot find the lower octave bass clef as in the bass clef with the 8 attached to the bottom of it. What should I do? Thanks!

Take a look in the Clefs panel on the right-hand side; the clefs you are looking for are in the Common and Uncommon sections. You can also create them via the Shift+C popover, by typing (for example) g8ba for the G clef with an 8 below, and f8ba for the F clef with an 8 below. Note that in Dorico octave clefs do not affect the pitch at which the note is written in the staff.

Thank you, Daniel!

I tried g8ba and it gave me the right clef, but f8ba did not change any clef at all. Also, what is the point of the clefs if the notation of the pitch would not change? Thank you.

This is what Elaine Gould’s Behind Bars has to say on the matter:

This issue has been discussed extensively on the forum, so if you would like to revisit some earlier threads on the subject, a search for “octave clef” will no doubt prove instructive.