CLIC at start of render with a specific plugin


The issue has been raised several times but I haven’t read any solutions yet.

On the 3 tracks of the EP I master, 2 have a click at the beginning of the file (visible and audible)

It turns out that the one without a click does not have the Tone Project UNISUM.
On the 2 others, UNISUM deactivates the click.

Am I forced to do without this very good compressor?

Thank you if you have encountered and solved this problem.

I use Unisum all the time. Do you get that click when rendering the Whole Montage as one long file first? This is part of why myself and others render the entire montage first in one long pass. It tends to mitigate any plugin issues like this.

Also, if you really want to render track by track with heavy plugin professing on each clip (something I don’t recommend), you may want to check in your Preferences to see what setting you have for “Reset Plugins Before Rendering”. Whatever you have selected, try the opposite:

Whole montage in one file or individual file or just a selected region… has the click.

Thank you. I’ll try this.

Hmm. I just recently tried a new rendering stress test and Unisum was on my clips and even with a continuous test tone broken up into clips, the rendering was accurate.

There must be a small discrepancy between settings in WaveLab, or within the plugin. I assume you have the most up to date version of the plugin?

I use this plugin all the time and it’s trouble-free for me.

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Thank you Justin for your time.
This made me believe that the problem could be solved… And it is !

Not having any problems with this plugin in other DAWs, my attention was not drawn to the fact that there is a newer version that might not cause the problem.
Finally, Justin Perkins and Unisum version 1.1.3 solved the problem!

Many thanks again!

No problem. 99% of the time, a fix like this has to come from the plugin developer anyway. This plugin developer is pretty good about getting back to people and fixing issues in specific DAWs.

I know I’ve communicated with him but I can’t remember if it was for this issue or something else but I’m glad to see that he fixed it.

It’s a great plugin and I use it on basically 100% of my “in the box” mastering projects and haven’t seen a rendering issue with it anytime recently.

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