Click and groove agent cut out

Hi, I am running cubase 7.5 on Windows. Everything was going great and today I went in and my groove agent track sounds like it’s being played from across town (very low volume, kick is almost non-existent) and the click is no longer working. I had a couple guitar tracks using guitar rig as a direct effect and I had to mess with one input/output on 2 of 6 of them to get them to work.

This all happened upon opening the song. Last time I shut down I exported to an mp3 and everything was normal. Not sure if I hit something that threw off a setting without knowing.

I did open sone older songs and noticed they had done of the same problems leading me to think it may be a setting.

Also groove agent has the same issue when opened by itself (not in cubase) and its only the acoustic kits as far as I can tell. The other electronic type kits seem to be working fine.

Any help would be appreciated.