click and tempo track.


I have two questions about click and tempo track.

I have been using Digiter performer and I just switched to cubase. And I am looking for two function what they have.

First, is there any way to record the tap tempo? so that I can have a tempo track which include the information what I hit any keys for tap tempo?

Second, is there any way to play/record automatically when I play keys?

For example, if I am on the bar 7 and pause the music. And then I play keys, I want auto play/record from bar 7.

Let me know if you know any of those.



  1. Yes: Project > Beat Calculator.

  2. I’m not sure I understand this question. You mean to start Playback/Record immediately once you send any MIDI message? Or do you mean Retrospective Record (to record MID data silently in Stop mode and print them to the track later on)?