Click at start even with fade in

I’m having a strange issue. I have a clip in a montage that produces a loud click/thump when the play line enters the clip. This happens even if there’s a fade in at the start of the clip. My first thought was DC offset and there was some but I’ve removed that (using wavelab audio editor). But the click is still there, its possibly even worse now. The click happens at any point in the file when you start playing. I’m ITB and all plugins are bypassed. No other clips in the montage click. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Thanks.

Sounds like a clocking issue. How do you have your clocking setup and are you using WL12’s resample setup.

You probably have a Clip plugin that causes this.


In the Audio Device dialog, what buffert settings is in use
try raise if too low…

regards S-EH

Thanks everyone for your helpful comments. This is a strange one. After a few restarts the problem has disappeared but I’ve not identified what caused it.