Click at the beginning of an event even with fades

Hello, I applied fades to events processed by the spectralayer (v9.0.10 pro) extension in Nuendo (v12.0.60) ARA.
I distinctly hear a “click” at the beginning of the event, as if I hadn’t applied a fade, and this sound appears on the track’s bargraph in the console and in the mixdown export.
If I disable the spectralayer extension, the “click” when playing the event disappears.
We hear this click in the mixdowns also cf pf.
Same thing in nuendo v11.0.41.
Can you please tell me if it’s a known bug?

I think the fades will not apply until the ARA Extensions are made permanent.

Isn’t that a problem that fades are not fonctionnal with ara effects on (and not being said, my ears were the only way to discover that)?
Sounds like a big bug. Or did i miss something?

Problem? Yes, definately, but not a specific SpectraLayers problem. The same problem could be seen with other ARAs, like Melodyne. When you make the ARA Extension changes permanent and bake them into your part/event fades will work again.

Bug? Not sure, it’s been that way since ARA Extensions were introduced in Cubase/Nuendo. It could be by design as well. Anyhow it would be nice if this was changed to the better.

Thank for your answer, the thing is : the fade does work, but not first.
If if add a fade in 3s, il will have the fade in 3s, but also the nasty clic of the first signal.
It’s like it’s working, but with a delay.
Is that documented somewhere that fades can’t work properly?
For me, if it’s by design, it should be said, or fades should be greyed out or something.
Dont you?

I can at least confirm that ARA plugins are not fade-aware. That’s something that happens and is handled by the host DAW, and should be reported at that levels.

I don’t know if it’s documented in the manual. I have learnt to first make the ARA Extension edits permanent before I apply fades or event volume changes.
Fades are not the only aspect that doesn’t function on events that are in the midst of being edited in an ARA Extension; you cannot apply any offline edits either, like Envelope or Normalize, or Plugins in the direct offline processing window.
It’s a Cubase/Nuendo thing, or perhaps rather an ARA2 protocol issue.

But, like I agreed with you, it would have been nice if it weren’t so. Maybe the fade and level handles of the events should be made unaccessible while performing an ARA Extension related edit. A Cubase/Nuendo matter, not a SpectraLayers’.