Click Audio/Edit in WaveLab not working with new WaveLab El11

I’ve just purchased WaveLab El 11. And after installing it I don’t see that option in my Cubase PR0 12 under the Audio file menu after selecting recorded audio.

Chat support “Greg” told me this function is not supported in WaveLab Elements

Meanwhile - this is the help file.

Editing Cubase/Nuendo Audio Events in WaveLab Elements (

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Reinstalling, both Cubase PRO 12.060 and Wavelab Elements 11.2 didn’t help.

Solved bt Cubes Tech Adam!

"navigate to C:>Program Files>Common files>Steinberg>Shared Components. There should be a WaveLab Exchange file there for this process to work. If there is not one listed, please use this link to download/install the .dll file and put it in that location manually. Then restart both applications to see if the issue is resolved:

Thank you Adam