Click Bleed from Cue Mix to Control Room

I’m assuming I just have some setting wrong but here’s my problem:

I have a cue mix and I send various audio channels to it for an artist to hear. Then I turn on the metronome for that cue mix and I hear the click in the control room even if I have the metronome disabled there. The cue mixes are set up correctly (to my knowledge), I selected various tracks and then turn them on for the given mix and set their volumes.

If I have a different mix in the cue than the control room, and I switch the control room between the two mixes, I hear the difference so I know my control room and cue mix are, in fact, different. But I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to NOT hear the click in the control room while still sending it to the cue mixes. Toggling the control room metronome simply makes it louder or softer, more like a dim, instead of turning it on and off completely.

What I want is to have absolute control of the metronome for any give mix, whether thats a cue mix or my control room. I realize it could be an artifact of my hardware set up but I wanted to come here and ask anyway incase there is some setting I simply missed or misconfigured.

Any chance of it bleeding to a mic though leaky headphones?

Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi all

Yup could be a leaky headphone as Prock says, often an idea to use a different sound as a headphone “click”, lower frequencies tend not to bleed from headphones quite as much

Best Regards, Dave

+1 to checking headphone click leakage and perhaps using lower frequency sound for the click (good idea, Dave, thanks).

If none of that works, posting screen shots of the set-up may help us work out what’s going on. Your setup is probably right. My guess is the problem is not with your Cubase set-up; is it possible the click is somehow bleeding into the cue mix via your hardware – leaking aux send, etc.? Is the click leak printing into the record tracks; is it being recorded during tracking via the mentioned headphone leakage?

I hope you find a way to correct this. Let us know.