Click disappears with added outputs? Bug?

OK, I have an interface with 16 outs. Typically I have been runnng just the one Stereo Out pair. However, lately I added all the outputs, i.e., one Stereo Out and 14 Mono outs via my VST Connections window because my External Effects Bus behaved better (less lantency) than if I just added a single output to the EEB. Not clear why this is and some here have told me this cannot be… So YMMV on that. I still have my results.

BUT!!! This is not my problem today. I have now discovered that WITH THE ADDED OUTPUTS my click is gone! IF I open another project, an earlier one WITHOUT the multi outputs, and just the Stereo Out pair, the click works, no problem. OK, if I add the multi outputs to this project, the click goes away. And here’s the rub: If, in this same project, I remove the multi outputs and revert to my Stereo Out pair, the click is still gone. ??

I do not setup the Control Room, and the VST connections window will verify that it is not setup. So do not think I have sent the click to the Control Room Bus.

Thanks for any help. Obviously I need my click back.

Check the Click box next to the other outputs in VST Connections.

OK, Brother, you are the Man! Thank you, I hadn’t seen that. :smiley: