Click in Empty space only applies to marker track(s)

I made this post:

to click in empty space in editors as well as the project page locates, but I’m thinking now the feature should be tailored to only work in the marker track since as PW pointed out, it’s not a good idea to have it implemented everywhere but since there are no "divider features in the tracklist bar the awful divide tracklist feature, there should be something a bit more elegant rather than tardy implements.

I’m not sure I follow you… Could you explain a little further?


When you have many tracks one after the other in the tracklist, when parts extend from the start of a song until the end there is no space to click other than in a marker track, and to some extent the tempo track (careful not to edit the tempo) or group/fx tracks and folders where data is not shown.

I’m asking for more “marker tracks” even if I don’t actually put any markers in them since at present the only way I can select blocks of tracks, eg all the guitars only or all reeds is by using empty (duplicate) folders from VST outputs (I don’t use regular folder tracks at present).

Hope that explains it, otherwise I will upload a screen capture.

Thanks for replying

Why not just click on the ruler?

I do but it’s a double-edged sword since I am also talking about selecting parts.


Is there a reason you don’t group common events/parts?

I use lanes with VST Instrument tracks, as for grouping (midi) unless that gives me some kind of ability to determine for example a midi channel then it is of little use.

Essentially what I’m asking for is a workflow improvement I guess but I will always defer to better stability, faster load times etc which I’m hoping will occur later today with 5.5.3.

Thanks and regards