click in empty space within the editor

in all the many years working in Cubase, one thing has always really annoyed me - the unability to set the cursor to where I need it by simply clicking in the ( empty ) space within the editor. Just like you can in the main arrange window.
Please why isn’t this possible without a simultanous key command?’ It would be a huge worklfow accelerator when doing many edits on a long track inside the editor.

+1 (locating without additional key-command)

So, a single-click to locate; I’d also add a double-click to start/stop playback…!
(If you 've worked with Melodyne, this workflow is crystal clear and heaven sent)

Ah yes, the double click to start playback is a great idea too! One less move!
I lose a huge amount of time via unnecessary mouse moves because of the additional tedious movement to place the cursor exactly into the tiny ruler bar on the top each time I want to relocate it. And it doesn’t even work if there happens to be a textbox, as then, the cursor doesn’t react over / in the text space.

Double click already inserts a note. How many additional prefs should there be? Enough so that there’s a market for a 3rd-party Cubase prefs editor? :laughing:

I lose track of all the prefs I have set already, though it only matters when something goes wrong and prefs get initialized- and then it is just too much to deal with, and I end up not using whatever amazing workflow the prefs facilitated.

I use a four-button mouse, (Kensington Expert Trackball) and assign the top left button to alt-shift-click. Does the trick, and no waiting years for FR to be granted. :ugeek: