Click not working

I haven’t used Dorico in a long while. I go to use, Audio engine version and the click doesn’t work.
Am I right in thinking you should be able to turn it on with the metronome symbal in WRITEmode, in either playback or record?
The Halion sampler is playing back and I see the click in the mixer (F3), only nothing shows on the meter when the transport is moving on the click channel.
Any ideas what could be wrong.

I should have added that players created in the project are playing back fine, just the click isn’t.

Welcome to the forum, @altruistica .

And you do have the metronome enabled? In the top right corner of the Dorico window, on the right side of the Play/Record buttons is the metronome icon. Have you clicked on that and is it highlighted?
If it is, go check in the mixer window (F3) if the DoricoBeep channel is maybe muted.
If that is also not the case, please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks