Click on "About Cubase Elements" not showing anything

When clicking on this nothing appears and I’m not able to use any other Cubase window. Only after pressing “esc” key I’m able to continue.
I’m on MacBook Air (M1) using MacOS Ventura.
I’m trying to determine which Cubase I’m using but no luck because “About Cubase Elements” does not work.
The closes I can get is “Cubase LE AI Elements 10”

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This means, the splash screen appears. Somewhere…

You are using Cubase 10, which is not M1 compatible. But you already know, it’s Cubase 10 and it’s one of the “Soft” edition. Open eLCC application. You can find the license there. This is the edition, you are using.

Thank you for a quick response @Martin.Jirsak .
Unfortunately I cannot reach that anywhere (cannot detect it on any of my windows).
But by you mentioning it that version 10 is not M1 compatible you’ve answered my biggest question.
I will definitely upgrade to Elements 12.



First you have to know your current exact version and edition to pick the correct update/upgrade.

It’s an application: eLicenser Control Center.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak
I’ve picked upgrade from Cubase Elements 10 to 12 and it worked :+1:
“It’s an application: eLicenser Control Center.”
I meant about “This means, the splash screen appears. Somewhere…”
On my previous version “10” it never appeared, now after upgrade I can see it.

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