Click on an object and see all of its Engraving/Layout/notation options on the right/left side

Here is an idea.
In engraving mode, if we click on a specific object we can see all of its engraving/layout/notation in one single place.

Thanks for the suggestion. We already have context-sensitive options for selected items by way of the Properties panel, but perhaps we could find a way to link to the relevant page of the Engraving Options dialog from there.

Daniel, Possibly If master page Sets and flow heading, etc move to the left side…that way the right side will be free for engraving/layout/notation options when the user selects an item. :stuck_out_tongue:

We need somebody to start making hexagonal monitors. Then there will be two more sides for extra panels :slight_smile:

Or make Dorico a mandatory two-monitor application so all these conveniences don’t completely obscure the music. :laughing:

“Dorico Pro Supreme: the Widescreen Edition”