Click on clip start point

When inserting some plugins into a clip, a small click occurs at the beginning of the clip.
Plugins like Waves C6, Waves S1 or Izotope Excite are examples.
I’m working on an Audio Montage 44.1/16 CD session. The clicks are audible and printed on audio file when rendering or burning the Montage.

Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

System: Mac OS 10.11.5

I can confirm the click on playback with Waves C6, but it’s not present on rendered files for me.

I had a similar problem with Eiosis AirEQ where the click was present on playback but not rendered files. I think Eiosis fixed it on their end.

Thanks Justin for reply,
Do you think this is a plugin problem? Or Wavelab? I do not have this problem in any other editor or daw.


One more thing,

This problem seems to be related to the clip star point and not to the plugin, since the same plugin in different clips of the Montage, does not produce this start click.
The clip may not start at zero…
If I understand correctly, the “Snap to Zero” function is only available for range selection and not for clips in Montages.
Someone can clarify this point?


I would report the issue to Waves and give them as much detail as you can. When I was testing the Eiosis issue, I made a special audio file that had one second of silence before the audio started. This way I could easily play some of the audio, and then start playback from before the clip start and make it obvious that some audio samples were still cached and making a tick sound at the start of the clip.

Are you sure the click is there on the rendred files though? If so, that could be a totally different issue.