Click on plugin parameter to automate

Never know. They just might get around to adding it, after ironing out all the necessities first. But then again…

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Might be easier to describe with a short video (Sorry for poor quality had to compress to fit under 4mb). The current automation lane automatically changes to preview the value I click on the plugin UI. Notice how quick it is to set up a few automation lanes and map them to different plugin values.


Can’t get no playback here.

Uploaded to YouTube. I just opened up a third party plugin that doesn’t support right click, and I can easily see the automation for any lane by just clicking on it, I can quickly populate a bunch of automation lanes by just clicking + then the parameter I want to automate for each lane. I’m pretty sure this feature is very old.

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This is clear DAW behavior expectation that Steinberg has chosen to try enforcing through the VST3 protocol.

Steinberg, VST3 is not the DAW. Stop enforcing behavior like this, including mouse wheel scroll and other functionality this way. Overlapping VST3 and DAW behavior is quickly becoming clearly a conflict of interest when it significantly impacts users in a negative way, and these things clearly have.

It is clearly possible to do these things; others have done it. It is beyond unreasonable to expect every single developer to implement everything your way to get functionality that is clearly possible without you forcing the issue through a plugin protocol that IS NOT THE DAW.

Im going to have to agree and say this cannot be done in vst3 because it’s already possible to compile a plugin without this behavior. It’s too late to enforce all new vst3’s to do this via right click menu, so it must be done in the daw.

This tool creates gif with little data usage


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What if you could some key combo like command + option then click on any parameter to show automation lane?

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