Click on plugin = show automation for plugin

On one of the C6 videos I seem to remember a new feature that allows you to jump straight to the automation data for a plugin - click on an automated control and the arrange window scrolls to the automation track for that control.

Did I just imagine this or is it actually implemented?

EDIT: It was this video, at 0:36 Work Smarter, Flow Faster 04 | New Features in Cubase 6 - YouTube

Don’t you right click on the gui of the plugin itself while on screen and select show automation for this plugin or something similar?

Well, I’m not going crazy. See 0:37 in this vid

He says “you can also reveal the automation for a plugin by right clicking” (the gui of the plugin)

This would save me a huge amount of time and frustration,

However, right clicking does nothing… nor does any combination of ctrl, alt, shift, …

Just guessing, I don’t have C6 but maybe it’s VST3 plugs only?


I really hope this is not the case. I do not have Cubase 6 yet, still waiting for Canada to get them in hand to sell to me. They are using an internal VST3 based plugin in the demo video, but boy would this save me time too. In a big project with some lanes open, some closed, it would be really nice to have an instant jump to where you need to go to edit automation by a simple right click of the plugin gui itself. Since I personally do not use the internal plugins much, and most other plugins are not VST3 based, this feature is extremely limited and not many will be able to benefit from it. I was really hoping to use this feature on my UAD plugins but it is not looking hopeful after reading the above posts. Can anyone confirm with certainly whether this is just limited to VST3 plugins or not?

No, doesn’t work for VST3 plugins either (eg SB’s “studio chorus”)

They have added more functionality to the plugin wrapper (you can now toggle view to the “generic” editor and see plugin version info, and vendor website address… but I can’t see how to jump to the automation…

Right click on the control you wish to see the automation lane of.

aha! Can anyone confirm if clicking the control you wish to view shows this option, especially on VST2 plugins? Thanks!

I admire your optimism. :slight_smile:

But Right clicking doesn’t work
Left clickin doesn’t work

And no combination of shift / alt / control keys with these 2 buttons works either.


OK I must have done something weird in my test of VST3 plugs cos I just tried it again and -hey presto-
yes, the option DOES appear on right click. But only for VST3 plugins :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Thanks for the confirmation. I should figured as much that it would only pertain to VST3 plugins. There goes my excitement of using this on my UAD plugs. Bah.

(just a thought… if we could do everything with VST2 plugins that we can do with VST3 plugins, there wouldn’t have been much point in creating VST3 plugins, would there? :wink: )

show automation of a single plugin? … I do not think that this is available (?)

BTW…it would be advantageous to have a closer look by at the “automation panel”:

And very practical is rightclick in the track field “show/hide used automation”,Tip: it is also available as shortcut.



Is it technically impossible under the VST2 spec? Maybe.

I’m fairly sure a VST2 plugin can expose parameter names (otherwise, how does cubase know how to label the controls in the “generic plugin interface” view?)

My guess is, they want us all to stop using VST2 plugins as soon as possible.

It doesn’t work with 3rd party VST3 plugs (or at least not with FabFilter stuff).

I love this feature though… it reminds of when I used to use Reason :smiley:

SO it’s cubase-only VST3 plugins. What a con. This is definitely not explained in the sales video!!! :smiling_imp:

See this video at 0:36

it says “you can also reveal the automation for a plugin, by right clicking it”

It’d be great if Cubase could at least jump directly to the automation for its own mixer controls (volume, pan, sends etc) without having to trawl through the arrange window looking for it.

eg, right click on a channel fader, choose “go to automation” and the the automation track is shown in the arrange window. This would save me hours! When a big mix is getting near the end, and there’s lots of things to tweak, I waste lots of time trying to find the automation …