Click output selection does not work


I am trying to send the click to another place than stereo out.
In audio connection I have a output name click.

When going to metronome setup, change click output, nothing happens, cubase wont select what I am choosing.

Thanks in advanced

Edit: seems like a bug in .30. works as it should in a older version.

You did not report your OS but, this issue has been confirmed for Mac.

I don’t have a Mac but, a possible temporary solution is provided here…

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Yes it’s a mac, will try the work around.

But do you know why the click selection is gone from Audio Connections/Outputs?

Since mr. moderator does not know the difference from metronome setup and audio connections I will continue the question here regarding the audio connection output click selection

why is the click gone from here?
other people with 10.0.20 still have the click select here
I am in a hurry to figure this out if the metronome setup workaround does not work

It was moved.

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