Click sound (beep) changes with tempo

I have the metronome click set to “Beep” and while it sounds normal in tempo q=200, in q<100 it starts to sound extended and gets a “telephoney” vibe. At tempo q=40 it’s impossible to work with, because it’s just a long beep. It behaves as if the length of the beep is dependent on the tempo of the project/flow. Is it some kind of bug, or does anybody know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

It’s not possible to change the duration of the note for the click at the moment, I’m afraid. It is output as a 1/64th note (if memory serves) so that should still sound reasonably short except at very slow tempos. However, I understand the desire to have the click sound be tempo-independent, and I’ll make a note of this as something for us to think about in future.

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