click sounds when recording vocal

I just bought a new microphone and started testing recordings with a buffer size of 512, but I am getting clicks. If I increase the buffer size to 2048, I do not receive clicks, but latency is really high. Can you confirm, that changing buffer size, will reduce/remove clicks, and can I do something to keep a small buffer and low latency and avoid clicks? My computer should be fast enough. (see below) Does the USB sound card interface have any influence? I am changing from my current Presonus iTwo audiobox to a Presonus studio 192 very soon. It is a USB 3 sound interface. Will this effect the click problem with low buffer size, or does it not matter, what sound card, I use?

Try to compromise between the two extreme setting you describe. Sometimes In the past i had those problem so I recorded with latency but the singer dont hear it ( i created a speacial output for him) after that i delay the track or adjust it ( in like 30 sec ) so it fit with the tempo. But avoid clic at every cost… Another solution would be to boost RAM and later change for a better computer with a better cpu. Is it a 8 cores cpu? If you got only one core no wonder … The program is too strong now we need better computer. I changed mine btw recently and i am happy with the new one

As you see below my Er på vej! Is the fastest on the market. That is why I wonder if changing the sound interface would have an effect?

As you see below my Pc is the fastest on the market. That is why I wonder if changing the sound interface would have an effect?

Ohhhh… Oh yes definitely and listen i am not working for steinberg…lol but i can tell you that you should buy the ur-22 or any UR from steinberg it works very very well and is not expensive and when you got the money buy audio interface outside of your computer forget sound card or gadjet like that … Good luck

When you say testing vocal recording…is this all there is going on or do you have a busy project already you are trying to record into??

I already bought the presonus studio 192 USB 3 interface.

In the project is a mixdown of 22 tracks. No effects or anything. Performance meter is close to zero.

This may be a dumb question, but are you using the correct (manufacturer) and most up to date driver for your interface? Are there any other programs running in the background on your machine? I typically monitor through my interface, so latency isn’t an issue, but your machine should have plenty of horsepower to handle a 22 track project with no plugins without breaking a sweat.

Even the worst interface money can buy should be able to run just a few audio tracks and play back/record without clicks at 512…even at 64 or 128.

You have something else causing this issue…could be usb2/usb3 incompatibility, graphics drivers or any one of a hundred other things other things that can cause audio crackles.
Download and run Resplendence LatencyMon on your system and see what it says.

please see screen shot of latencymon. any suggestions?

now I get this message.

Try this:

I tried installing latest nvidia driver and it seems to be working better, but still getting small clicks. I tried applying the cubase setting using the tool from the link, but I do not know, if I did it correctly, because when I open the tool again, it shows the default user profile…

I sent the guy a private message and he informed me that Direct Monitoring is greyed out so this is the possible cause of his latency and clicks issue.

I’ve advised him to contact the manufacturer of his soundcard to show him how to set it up for zero latency.

I 've just been to the website and notice that there is a zero latency option but it must be switched on - maybe he has it off!

If there’s anyone that has the same soundcard and can help him with the correct set up, please do!

Kind regards

James Colah

my audiobox iTwo??? how where? All i have is a small box, where i can choose buffer and kHz…

my audiobox iTwo??? how where? All i have is a small box, where i can choose buffer and kHz…

There is a knob on the front of the iTwo that allows mixing between direct input monitoring and the DAW monitoring.
This lets you run at higher latency but monitor your vocals with no latency.

This is not the cause of the problem.

but if i turn this knob all the way to the left i can not hear the music anymore…

Obviously…it’s a mix knob!

yes but if it is suppose to function as a zero latency knob at the same time, it makes no sense