Click tacet in Cubase?

Hey folks, is it possible to have the click go quiet for a certain bar range in Cubase? I remember being able to do it in DP years ago, and it was pretty handy to be able to play to the click for a stretch, then free-time for a bit. Obviously a MIDI track would also work, triggering a VST to click as needed, but if there was a way to do it without that it’d be pretty cool.


I don’t think there is a way to automatize the status On/Off of the metronome.
However, you can easily render a click track and mute the parts where you want to play freely.
Menu: Project → Signature Track → Render Audio Click between Locators

Yeah, I do this a lot. In the end, to make it workable, I just ended up creating a “click” midi track that triggers a vst for the click (in my case Kontakt instrument with a variety of click sounds). This way I have full flexibility to edit the midi as I like, mute sections, change note types for various sections if needed, etc.

Thanks for your replies. It was a feature in DP that I didn’t use very often, but was pretty handy when it was needed. Maybe someday it’ll make it to Cubase. In the meantime I think I’ll do the click MIDI track thing.