Click track (actual track!)

The ability to put the click on a track would be really nice, even if it’s just a plugin. (Sorry if this is already a thing…)

This way you could automate it up and down throughout the song, pan it, take it away for certain parts, add EQ or reverb if you wanted to for whatever reason…etc. just treat it almost like an audio track or a vst instrument.

I’m sure someone has made a vst metronome plugin, but integrated would be cool.

Hi kendalosborne,

maybe not a “click track” per se, but you can create an instrument track and route your MIDI Click to it. Then you can do all you want with that track: Automate it, pan t, EQ it, etc.

Hope this helps!

Ah. That is smart. Well maybe then a nice update would be a simple metronome VSTi with various sounds. Side stick, beep, clap, kick drum, etc. would be really neat!