Click Track in headphones on UR 22 C

I am new to DAW’s . I am struggling for the life of me to get the click track and play back after recording on Cubase AI LE Elements 12 through my headphones. I dont connect monitors to my UR 22C but play using my headphones . I am able to hear my live playing of the keyboards which tells me my audio settings are correct . I created a new BUS for headphones in the output section of Audio connections . I also set metronome settings … but just can’t find what am I missing .

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Don’t make a dedicated bus for the headphones please. Use the Stereo Out bus. In the Metronome Setup choose the bus you want to route the Click to.

Hi Martin Thanks for your inputs but unfortunately the click still does not come through the headphones - Could you elaborate what did you mean by choose the bus I want to route the click - I can see the click playing but it does not sound t thorough my headphones - however if I disconnect the audio interface and use my Mac independently I can hear the click come through … any way you could explain a bit more ? Thanks again

Hey Martin I finally got it - mIssed turning on the mix knob on the ur 22 c

Can I also check with you another question .

I usually create a song on my Yamaha PSR SX 600 - I import the midi file into Cubase - I am learning to edit midi keeping the original sounds of the Yamaha. Once I complete editing - how do I export the file in such a way that I am able to play back the midi on the Yamaha . I find it easier to create midi songs on the Yamaha but editing in cubase . I tried this one but the Yamaha didn’t read the edited file . Is there something I need to do when I import or export it to keep it compliant with the original file formats ?

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I believe Yamaha PSR SX 600 can read MIDI file. Once you are done with the editing in Cubase, use File > Export > MIDI File and save the MIDI file.

If you are on Mac, rename the file extension from *.midi to *.mid file. Unfortunately most of the instruments can’t read *.midi.

Thanks Martin . Anotther question for you . I use Cubase LE AI elements 12 . Could you comment on how do I pitch correct vocals in this version ?


You should make a new thread for the new topic.

The only way is to use a 3rd party plug-in or update Cubase to higher edition (Pro/Artist).