Click track in my ear only

I work with my local Head Start, and starting last year, I play Christmas concerts for our kids. I’m working on tracks to play along to, for instance… in Carol of the Bells, maybe having strings or tubular bells for me to play over top of.
My only issue, other than needing to get back into the habit of practicing with a metronome, is this: I’ll be running the show from my MacBook Pro, with the only sound coming from the built in speakers. Sadly, years ago in 2009, all my music equipment was stolen… the bastards even took my Peavey KB1 amp. So… that’ll be my next buy so I can just run all sound from that. But even when I DO get the Peavey replaced, since I don’t have special in ear monitors, is there a way to… oh I don’t know… route the click to my ears only through one of my wireless earbuds, while still having the rest of the show ran through laptop speakers/Peavey amp?

If it helps, my current rig: MacBook Pro running Cubase 12 Elements, Nektar Impact 61 (organ focused tunes… debating on using this keyboard alone this year for Christmas show), and a Behringer UMC 22

Thanks for the help! I know, I know… I’m complicated. :smiley:

You could just make a click track by triggering MIDI notes at the desired cadence on any VST instrument track, and route that track (and only that track) to the second output of the UMC 22 (I think it has two outputs), and connect your headphones to that.

Umm… the only click I know of is what comes preloaded with Cubase. I read your first sentence and said ‘I don’t know what any of that means’. I’m so out of the loop… sigh.