Click Track Metronome Output audio

I have been through this before, I think. Now… I am trying to figure it out again.

I use M Audio Profire 2626

How do I get the metronome output volume to output. I see it in the audio meter - but cannot hear it. Aggghhh…

I have it in other songs/projects I open up. I hear metronome.

But when I open a NEW project - I do not have volume on click track in headphones nor speakers. Why? What setting is different?

Yes, I have the same boxes as the other working projects. I do have box selected to activate.

Any help? Thanks.

OK I have solved my own problem.

Apparantly you need to click on CLICK in the VST Devices setup. Who knew? Who knew? Why doesn’t Cubase explain this in any of its directions? Thanks.

I HEAR YOU BROTHER. Three things are really annoying about this:

  1. The output channel selection isn’t simply put in the “Metronome Setup” dialogue.
  2. The manual says absolutely nothing about this, that I can find.
  3. Here were are 2 1/2 years after your post, and Cubase 7 is out, and this oversight still continues?

In any case, thanks for the tip, now I know how to turn on the metronome :unamused: