Click track not outputting sound to sends

I’m using Elements 7 will all current updates on a quad core AMD with 8 GB ram.
Tascam US-1608 interface.
I’m not using any midi devices, just instrument and mic inputs.

My control panel is showing the click but I cannot get the sound to output to any of my sends. I’ve checked all the other threads to adjust the tone and volume and all of these seem to be correct according to everything I’ve read but still no sound. This is driving me crazy because I’m relatively sure it’s something simple and I just can’t find it. I’ve been recording a metronome as a track to work around this but it will make editing tons easier if I can snap to the beats of the track on future recordings.

As Gilda Radner said: “Nevermind”. Found it myself. Had switched my input and “click” was not enabled. DOH! :blush: