CLICK track Questions (What are you doing?)

Two questions about Click Track

  1. Is there a way of printing a mix with the Cubase click track?

  2. What are you guys using for click track sounds? (Much BIGGER question I know). For years I have been abusing myself and my clients with the PINGS of the built in Nuendo/Cubase click.
    Finding a new sound has been on my to do list but have never gotten around to it. Well, enough is enough. But before I jump, I want to see what sounds you guys and gals are using. Different internal sounds? External sounds? What say ye?


do a loopback on your audio device and record your click sound…

I am a fairly proficient audio geek and this reply makes no sense to me. Can you give me some steps?

basically if you do not have an internal setting for such a function in your soundcard (like RME does)
simply connect your outs to your ins and record;)

Make a four beat bar of a drum / percussion sound at Quantise 1/4 note. Alt + drag (copying X number of bars) to required length. Set speed. Done. Even use basic guide percussion or bass patterns that way. Put in folder with an audio track and record any cues for yourself or players like “Chorus change and fill coming up. One two three four…”
More versatile than click.


I have an RME multiface and never knew it could do a loopback.

Now that I know it does I guess I need to learn how it does it.

Any clues on where I might find this feature?

In the control panel of your unit. I think it is called Total Mix FX.

Your routing should be configured manually in your software such that your master outputs are routed into your loopback inputs. In Cubase, add a stereo audio track and mute it. Setup your busses accordingly in VST Connections, choosing your loopback channels as the inputs. Make sure that your audio track has the proper bus chosen for input routing in the inspector. Hit record and play the metronome in Cubase. Voila.

In TotalMix, if you control Click in the hardware output channels (bottom row) name box (beneath the fader) the box will turn red and that signal will be looped back to the corresponding hardware input channel (muting any hardware input signal).

I do not know any way of routing - say - output 5 to input 7 (other than externally patching).
It’s always 1 to 1, 2 to 2, etc.

You can, of course, mix any number of “Computer” outputs (middle row) to this looped output or outputs.

Hope this helps.


Thanks guys! This seems like a totally backwards way of doing this.
Don’t really look at other DAW’s but do other MFG’s have easy ways of printing click to a mix?
For drummers and preproduction this just seems like a ‘duh’ option that should be included. Asking too much?