Click track sounds a fraction slower than quantized midi tracks?


I’ve been working on a couple of projects over the past week and for some strange reason the click track sounds a fraction behind my quantized midi tracks?

Any idea what might be going on!?

What click?

Latency? Is the click routed through a different interface?

What MIDI Instruments are you using? Do they all sound out with the click or some? I have observed this phenomena using Kontakt 6.3.1 as a Rack Instrument or VSTi. Exclusively with their Factory Library drumkits (this would include kits from the old Kontakt 2 & 3 libraries as well). Seems to be the only time I ever run into this. You can clearly hear the kits behind the click.

Hi guys. Sorry for the late reply.

I am using Toontrack Superior 3, NI Kontakt, PianoTeq and GG-Audio Blue 3. When I record a track to the click and then play it back the recorded part plays ahead of the click!? My midi keyboard is an M-Audio Code 61. I use an Yamaha DTX562K electric kit and a Yamaha Arius digital piano and have this issue no matter what I use to trigger the midi? It appears to be happening with all vsti’s?

Here is an audio example of a quantized track :-

Oops sorry about that. Cubase won’t allow the click to be exported unless it is rendered as an audio track. Oddly I just rendered the audio click and kept the click track on. The rendered audio click is in time with the vst midi but if I leave the click on this is still behind the rendered version!??
There doesn’t seem to be a way to export the audio with the normal click still playing. You need to render the click as audio with is in time. However, the built in Cubase click is still behind this!??

I’ve checked the buffer on my Motu 828-ES interface and this is set to 128. I dropped this and the host safety offset to 32 and this doesn’t make any difference!?