Click Track Volumes


I’m completely new to Cubase, having been muddling along with Audacity for a few years and I’m finding Cubase’s click/tempo tracks to be a little frustrating. Is there any way to alter the volume of the click track at specific points within a recording, e.g. have it shut off for a while and then come back on? There only seems to be a master volume for the metronome.

Alternatively, is there any way to easily generate a section of click track, e.g. four bars at 109bpm, and then have this as an audio track (which obviously can be auto-faded etc.)

Thanks in advance!


There is no way to get the internal click to only sound during certain parts of the track.

But - I have done this many times - you can record a click - any sound you like - on a MIDI track.
100% quantize or draw it in, duplicate it, mute sections, Change it from 1/4 to 1/8 notes or whatever is best for that section, etc.

If you’re into Tempo mapping variations this click - if in “musical” Mode, will change with your map (I slide stuff around constantly doing post).

Also note you can just turn the internal click on and off with the “C” key.


+1 for better metronome features… It’s way behind everything else in it’s flexibility and usability right now.

I personally like the PT idea where the metronome is a special plugin placed on a normal audio channel. This is great because you have instant control right from the mixer. And the plugin can be automated too.

Or how about a special midi input which is actually the metronome in midi form which we can route to a chosen VSTi?

Or both.


PT does it neatly. But how long does it take to construct a 1/4 bar containing a suitable sound and drag-copy it throughout the whole piece?

Yeah, manually creating is a good workaround and if you’ve got complex metronome requirements it’s a necessity. Using ghost midi parts helps a great deal, like when the next musician to track wants double time clicks or suddenly the arrangement changes with a bar of 7/8 then back to 4/4 (ghost parts again!). Change one version and they’re all changed.

But I think it’s more deep seated than that, the current metronome implementation is just clunky when it needn’t be. I’m sure it’s on their list of updates, they’ll get around to it eventually.


Well, how long did anything take before it was improved? There’s more to the click track than this, imo.

I’ve always wished they had a click track track not unlike the tempo track where you could quickly mute the click or bring the volume down on selected measures. I know this can be done with a midi track but something more streamlined would be nice.