Clicking 3x on E will make cubase 9 pro stuck / chrash

Clicking 3x on E will make cubase 9 pro stuck / chrash

In the mixer console or track click on the Effects Pluging ‘e’ button to show the plugin…
Afther 3x clicks cubase 9 pro will become stuck… Halted, audio is stuck,. program freeze.

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And i have tested this on 2 computers with Cubase 9 Pro latest version.

Nope. There must be other stuff going on in your project, but it must be highly classified secret info, since you didn’t divulge it, nor any other technical info.

Well i am waiting for other users to confirm this or not. I also smell a lot of sarcsm in your reply. I try to do a honest posting of a problem i have. It is not higly classified to me. I just asked and posted that to check and see if others have the same problem and if they could help me. Not highly classified posting at all. And if somebody wanted me to explain or give more info i will.

I tried your steps and could not reproduce. Makes sense that you detected my sarcasm, I wasn’t being secretive about it.

Post your OS, what Plugin was on the track, any other info that would help troubleshoot. Do the steps outlined in the Cubase Troubleshooting article at the SB website to rule out corrupted prefs.

I am using Windows 10 64bit, Cubase 9 pro 9.0.20. Soundblaster ZXR. I tested it with steinberg plugins 64 bit, it does not matter what plugin, it happens with any plugin effect. On the Track mixer you can open the plugin with ‘e’. If you click fast 3x on the same button, the program freeze. I think it is because the plugin is loading and needs to appear. Pressing one time does that, but the plugin goes to the back window (not seen), pressing a second time can hang the system, pressing a third time hangs the system. Audio is locked in the same buffer and i can only close Cubase with the taskmanager of windows.

Did you do the steps outlined in the Cubase Troubleshooting article at the SB website to rule out corrupted prefs? Or just hide the Cubase prefs folder from Cubase and launch it. Same issue?

Why the sarcasm ?

It has nothing to do with corrupted prefs. I checked that. I used this time only steinberg installed with cubase plugins. Just click 3 times fast on the ‘e’ button to show the plugin you loaded. Cubase 9 pro will hang with me. Not really a problem, but i would like to just report it. I called the Academy Studio in Amsterdam, they confirmed if also. It is not bad if you know it. But while the plugin sometimes goes behind the window (and the mixer or track mixer goes in front), you loose sight of the plugin window. So i press ‘e’ again to bring it up, but it sends it to the back, then i press ‘e’ again to bring the plugin upfront. The plugin shows, cubase hangs…

Still cannot reproduce it here. There are more steps/conditions needed to reproduce the issue.

Ok thx. I can live with it.

I cannot reproduce it here either, works as expected.

Well eighter its a windows 10 problem, or its the Jbrigde 1.75 software for 32 bits plugins then. Thx, i just do not click too fast on the ‘e’ button and it works fine.

There is your problem probably.

Actually the Jbrigde software is making me happy with the 32 bits plugins working on C9pro. It has not been said Jbridge is the problem. Actually it is running all my 32bit plugins fine at this time. Only had to delete VST2 plugins that where really old. The rest is working like a charm, in some ways even faster on a 64 bit system. I suspect with Windows 10 updates that restricted the Windows Folder Structure, it now also is the security measures Windows 10 has. It is a pitty Windows 10 comes with updates that restrict folders for writing. And most 32bit software and older software are writing in places where Windows 10 does not let it anymore.

The only way to know what the problem is, is by testing it using ye olde scientific method. So far, this has not been done here.

At least you’re giving up the secret info– that you actually are using jbridge, contrary to your earlier posts.

Thx steve for the sarcasm. Again it was a question of me honestly. And you know, Kermit the Frog is really a good guy.