Clicking and holding window title bar freezes graphics

There is an issue where clicking and holding on any window title bar without moving the pointer causes Cubase to stop refreshing for a brief moment.

The issue can be reproduced very easily with the following steps :

  • Open a project
  • Press Play
  • Click and hold on top of Cubase main window without moving the pointer.

Result : Cubase entire GUI stops refreshing for half a second.

This can be done with any window from within Cubase, that can be a plugin, mixconsole, audio editor, setting window, just to mention a few.
This is only true for “standard” windows that have a title bar.
Cubase custom windows like the F12 performance meters or the quantize panel cannot bring on the issue, but they will get frozen when the issue happens.

Same for many other Windows realtime applications.
i.e. Davinci Relsolve , RME digicheck