Clicking and popping

Hi All,

Just recently installed Cubase 7 and have found that there is a lot of clicking and popping and farting noises going on during playback. This doesn’t transfer to exported WAV files. I thought it might be a latency issue but nothing I change seems to fix it. The Performance Monitor sometimes shows overloads during these noises but not always. Maybe I just need to upgrade my DAW but if you have any suggestions in the meantime I’d appreciate it.
I’m using it on Windows 7x64 with a Presonus Firepod.



Something seems to be messing with your fireware port. Try free program DPC Latency Checker, maybe you can troubleshoot it.

Thanks. I’ll give it a go.

You don’t give enough information to make a judgement on your DAW, however, problems of the type you seem to be having can often be traced to the settings of your audio interface, in particular the buffer size settings which in turn affect the latency. During playback these settings can usually be increased to eliminate clicking and popping.

I had a bad stuttering/glitching problem when I first updated to Cubase 7, which seriously impaired my enjoyment. I tried every thing. I scoured the net, made Cubase adjustments, Windows adjustments, Bios adjustments. Trust me, I tried absolutely everything. Nothing worked.

Out of desperation I bought a new 240 gig SSD and started from a fresh Win 7 install. Sure it was a pain having to reinstall Cubase and all my other stuff but I’ve had no such issues since. Like many I get the sporadic ASIO meter red light but no stuttering, glitching or rice krispies.

Probably best to exhaust every other avenue first though. I can only relay my experience.

Out of interest, what is the speck of your computer?

Thanks to all who replied. Fortunately Sonicstate’s reply was a great help. It seems the network card is causing the problem. I disabled it and connected a different one and ran Cubase on loop over a song for ages with no problems being reported by the Latency software he recommended. And I never heard those nasty noises whenever I stopped in for a listen.

I have considered a new disk and fresh install and that’s still on the cards but it will probably be a complete new DAW as my PC is getting a bit old now. It’s an Intel Core2 Q6700 with 4 GB RAM. 4 hard disks of up to 2 Tb each, mostly because I have different boot configurations, one for normal PC/internet stuff on Windows 7x64, and one that was used for recording with Cubase on Xp - no network and separate disks disabled in the 7x64 boot up. I want to bring everything up to current spec (except Windows 8 cos I HATE it!). Might even consider going Apple Mac but not sure I should as I’m not familiar with them and might cause more initial problems than I solve.