"Clicking" appearing in Bounces

Hi there, for some reason when I bounced one of my scores yesterday, many "clicks’ can be heard throughout my track. None of these “clicks” can be heard when I playback the track in Cubase, and it does not appear to be clipping. I went through each track in my session to see if any of them had any clicking in them, nothing. I even fed all my tracks through a master group channel and added a compressor and a limiter, that didn’t change anything. Still when I bounce the track these clicks are in the file, no matter what speakers I play it out of. Any ideas why? I’m not sure how to even search this because it’s not feedback, clipping or “noise” it’s just an odd click, or a high frequency “pop”

I am using Kontakt, Halion, and east west Play libraries to create my score. I can’t seem to attached the audio fie to this post,if anyone is interested I could e-mail it to them, or perhaps there is another way to attach audio files? at about 00:25, 00:33,00:37, 00:40 you can hear the clicks.

Thanks so much!