Clicking "Apply" from Logical Editor works, but clicking "Apply Preset" from LE Apply Preset doesn't

Hello, definitely need some guidance here.

I’ve made a LE preset “Set CC7 to 90”. When I click on “Apply” from the LE Main Window itself, it works.

This is what I want.

However, when I simply open the “Apply LE Preset” window, and click “Apply Preset” - nothing happens.

Nothing happens here.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

I’m also open to the fact that the LE programming I did could be glitchy. If so, can anyone suggest a better way of programming this preset?

Basically I just want to be able to set a preset of having CC7 Main Volume get data at 90 from the notes inputted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Which window is in focus and which event had been selected when clicking the Apply button, please?

Hey Martin, thanks for taking a look.

The “Apply Presets” window is in focus, and the event of multiple notes in the screenshot you see above, is selected.

And I’m actually using Lemur to trigger the command, and that’s without any window being open. The command itself seems faulty. Then I’ll have to open up the LE main window and apply the preset from there.

Very weird.

Any help? :smiley:

What version of Cubase is this?

Cubase 12 Pro

It worked for me. I copied your preset above and applied from the Apply Preset window and

Hmmmm…damn it. Wonder what’s wrong with mine!

Still trying to get it to work.

Try making a new copy? Maybe somehow the other one got corrupted.

Maybe also try starting Cubase in Safe mode, with 3rd party plugins disabled, and give it a go.

Ohhhhhhhhh. I figured what’s wrong.

I have a DUPLICATE set of my Logical Presets in the “Previous” folder in “C:\Users\username\Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\User Presets\Logical Edit” Folder!

Once I got rid of that duplicate set, now everything works perfectly!
Sheesh, what an idiot!

Anyway, thanks for helping me out! :slight_smile:

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